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At Red Oak Dentistry, Dr. King and our staff use cutting-edge technology and techniques at every opportunity to ensure the highest level of oral care. We use 3-dimensional scanners for impressions, crowns, bridges and implants and we utilize 3-dimensional radiographic scans called Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCTs) to plan our implant cases.

Medit i700 Intraoral Scanner

MEDIT Our practice uses the Medit i700 Intraoral Scanner, which allows for highly accurate digitally scanned renderings of the patient’s mouth. As the patient watches, an exact replica of their mouth will appear on the big screen in front of them. This image can be rotated in any direction, zoomed in or out and otherwise manipulated for diagnostic or educational purposes.

Advantages of Using Medit i700 Digital Scanners:

  • Digital impressions rather than requiring patients to use actual impression material in their mouth.
  • Immediate dental function following the procedure.
  • Visual access for doctors to compromised jawbone and unique structures.
  • Reduced surgical time due to increased precision.
  • Ability to zoom in, rotate and manipulate a 3D rendering of the patient’s mouth.

3D Imaging & CBCT

CBCTs are the newest innovation in imaging, to take highly accurate images of the anatomical structure of your teeth, bones, and nerves. 3D imaging with cone beam is a CT scan system that generates high definition x-rays of your oral cavity within seconds. We use this revolutionary technology to gather precise details and accurately diagnose before creating treatments plans that are tailored to your particular case.

There are a number of ways that CBCT guided implant placement is better than traditional non-guided implant surgery. CBCT provides information not available when using tradition x-rays. From the initial CBCT scan that is analyzed by Dr. King for implant placement planning to the surgery itself, computer-guided implant surgery ensures precise and accurate implant placement.

The information gathered by the CBCT is used to:

  • Evaluate bone and surrounding structures.
  • Ensure there is sufficient bone for implant placement.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the maxillary sinus, nerves and adjacent roots.
  • Eliminate guesswork in measuring and positioning implants.
  • Determine the best treatment options.

Guided Implant Surgery

Implant dentistry is one of the latest advancements in tooth replacement, and our computer-guided implant placement systems have taken this revolutionary procedure one step further. Dr. King uses guided implant surgery technology to establish precise implant positioning, secure the best aesthetic result, and reduce overall surgery time.

The benefits of Guided Implant Surgery include:

  • Precision and accuracy: CBCT scans are merged with digital scans in a software that allows planned surgical guides with precision down to the millimeter.
  • Reduced risk: minimizes the risk of unexpected complications.
  • Information and detail: aids in planning and educating patients.
  • Convenience and comfort: utilizes digital impression and eliminates the necessity of traditional impression material in the mouth.
  • Optimal outcomes: allows Dr. King to pinpoint the exact position of planned restorations before placing implants.