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3 Benefits of a Professional Teeth Cleaning

What is it that keeps us from scheduling (and keeping) a dental cleaning appointment? For many of us, it’s that we feel fine. Why fix what’s not broken, right? We brush regularly, and we’re healthy people. Or maybe we think something might not be quite right, but anxiety and fear of dental visits keep us […]

5 Reasons Patients Prefer Dental Implants Over Dentures

Let’s get right down to it. You’re missing a tooth and you need a replacement. What is your very best option and why? Without a doubt, dental implants surpass all other teeth replacement methods in diverse and incalculable ways. Here are the top 5 reasons why dental implants are the superior option. Bite Force What […]

3 Ways the Pandemic is Staining Your Teeth

Teeth Staining At Red Oak Dentistry during the past few months, we have seen a moderate increase in the number of people who are complaining of increased teeth staining. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to change our daily routines and adapt (at least temporarily) to a “new normal”. Many of us […]

Stay at Home Teeth Survival Guide, Part II

Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing well considering our circumstances. Last time I discussed how to help prevent tooth decay, but what about crack lines, tooth wear and recession? In other words, how do we prevent tooth damage that has nothing to do with cavities? Crack lines in teeth, tooth wear and gum recession […]

Stay at Home Teeth Survival Guide, Part I

Now, more than ever, it is important to be as safe as possible to avoid any unnecessary trips to the dental office or the emergency room, as we want to limit our exposure to COVID19. Many of us have been thrown off of our usual routine; perhaps some of us are home-schooling our kids (best […]

Your Mouth and Heart Disease

Today, we often hear in the news that oral health is connected to and an important component of our overall health. More than 80 percent of Americans are living with periodontal disease which is an inflammatory condition affecting the bone and gums around teeth. Periodontal disease often goes untreated in people who don’t regularly visit […]